Raga Garage is a unique blend of Indian Carnatic and European Classical sounds, layered and embellished with contemporary folk, pop, and jazz ornamentations, and topped up with exotic and ethnic rhythms!

Its music is for the masses and connoisseurs alike with the concepts of Indian melody, western harmony and counterpoint. We present our art in an accessible way, breaking downbarriers and bringing cultures and communities closer together. Jyotsna and Robert have tailored their works to attract fans of contemporary, fusion, folk, classical, jazz and roots music of all ages. Following their Italian debut at the Capri International Festival, a young music convert said Raga Garage was to him, “the sophisticated coming together of the sounds of the west and the east in a simple and enjoyable way”. Put simply, Raga Garage is a mixing pot of many Indian and European influences culminating in a sound both new and unique.