Following a chance meeting at the Lyceum Theatre, London, in the spring of 2011, internationally renowned violinists Jyotsna Srikanth and Robert Atchison decided to form Raga Garage. Raga Garage is a unique blend of Indian Carnatic and European Classical sounds, layered and embellished with contemporary ornamentations, topped up with exotic and ethnic rhythms!

Raga Garage is music for the masses and connoisseurs alike with the concepts of Indian melody, western harmony and counterpoint. We present our art in an accessible way, breaking down barriers and bringing cultures and communities closer together. Jyotsna, Robert & Solomon have tailored their works to attract fans of classical & contemporary music of all ages.

Jyotsna Srikanth is the most sought after Indian violinist and composer from UK known for her versatility and ability to collaborate with different genres seamlessly and with ease. She is intensely rooted in south Indian classical music alongside having formal western classical music education. Dr. Srikanth is featured in many major global music events and venues like WOMAD - UK, Red Violin Festival – Wales, BBC Proms.  Having played violin for nearly 200 Indian films, she is currently working on numerous large scale music experiments & collaborations – in a way bringing communities together. She is the artistic director of ‘London International Arts Festival’. Time Out has described Jyotsna as “Britain’s finest violinist of Indian classical music”.


Robert Atchison has been at the very top of international music making for many years and has been described by the UK press as “a national treasure” He is the violinist with the world renowned London Piano Trio and founder of the Altamira Chamber Orchestra, with whom he recently recorded Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with Sir Michael Gambon narrating the sonnets. He has collaborated with Prima Ballerina, Lisa Macuja Elizalde, Italian Film Star, Milena Vukotic, and is Artistic Director of the Gibbs Music Festival and Chairman of the Inter-Cultural Society of London.


Shadrach Solomon a composer, arranger, performer (Pianist) and a music producer has mastered the skills of playing Indian Ragas on the Piano. He has worked with renowned musicians and music producers in India and abroad providing background scores to commercial movies and documentaries. He has participated in many music festivals both in India and abroad and specialises in the fusion genre on the performance front.  Following their Italian debut at the Capri International Festival, a young music convert said Raga Garage was to him, “The sophisticated coming together of the sounds of the west and the east in a simple and enjoyable way”. Put simply, Raga Garage is a mixing pot of many Indian and European classical influences culminating in a sound both new and unique.